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Mitsubishi Introduces the GOT 2000 Series

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By admin, October 23, 2014 2:09 pm

The new GOT2000 series of high function HMI’s. This product spans a range from 8.4″ to 15″ touch screens. The GOT 2000 includes object and screen gestures to zoom, flick or scroll screen items. With SD card capability programs from the HMI, PLC or robots can be stored for easy retrieval. VNC Server capability allows remote viewing and operation from computers, tablets or mobile phones. Q & L Series PLC ladder programs can be monitored and edited from the GOT2000 eliminating the need to connect a PC to troubleshoot program problems.

GT27 Model

Top performance model with gesture screen operation and options for multimedia, network, and I/O connectivity.
User memory capacity: 57MB (Actual storage data size: 128MB)
Ethernet, Serial, USB host, and USB device ports

GT25 Model

Balanced performance and cost-effective models with expansion capability for network communications.
User memory capacity: 32MB (Actual storage data size: 80MB)
Ethernet, Serial, USB host, and USB device ports

GT23 Model

Basic, cost-effective models for virtually any application.
User memory capacity: 9MB
Ethernet, Serial, USB host, and USB device ports

Remote PLC Connection

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By tswenton, January 11, 2013 4:36 pm

Are you sending service people to your customers to support the control system?  Why not use an eWON Industrial Ethernet Router.  The eWON COSY 141 provides secure remote access from your PC to a PLC anywhere in the world that has internet connection.  The COSY 141 provides a secure VPN tunnel connection directly to an Ethernet enabled control system on the factory floor.

How much time and money have you wasted sending valuable employees to service a simple customer problem.  With the COSY 141 your service people can connect directly to the control system of machines without travel.  Easily diagnosing a system problem by accessing control code or a web camera supervising the operation.

This does not even require you violating your customers firewall.  The COSY 141 uses the outgoing UDP or HTTPS internet port from the customers factory LAN.  Because the COSY 141 uses an SSL based VPN tunnel the customer LAN is inaccessible from the eWON.  You simply log in to your private account on the free Talk2M service provided by eWON. Once logged in you click on the machine you wish to connect to and you are on-line.  Pretty Simple!

eWON Remote PLC Connectivity

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